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Dive deep into the underworld of crime and power with «Drug Lords,» now streaming on Hulu. This gripping documentary series takes you inside the lives of the most notorious drug kingpins in history, revealing the secrets, strategies, and ruthlessness that fueled their empires.

Each episode of «Drug Lords» focuses on a different infamous figure, offering an unflinching look at their rise to power, the criminal networks they built, and the relentless pursuit by law enforcement to bring them down. From the opulent lifestyles funded by illicit activities to the devastating impact on communities, «Drug Lords» provides a comprehensive view of the complex world of drug trafficking.

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In-depth Profiles: Gain insights into the lives of notorious figures like Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, and more.
Expert Interviews: Hear from law enforcement officials, journalists, and insiders who lived through the drama.
Riveting Storytelling: Experience the tension, danger, and intrigue through powerful narratives and real footage.
Historical Context: Understand the socio-political landscape that allowed these drug lords to thrive.
«Drug Lords» is not just about crime; it’s about the human stories behind the headlines. It explores the motivations, ambitions, and downfalls of those who chose a life of crime and the far-reaching consequences of their actions.

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