Crisis Negotiation/Intervention

Don’t face your crisis without experienced professionals on your side. The Fontes International Solutions team has worked over seventy kidnapping cases for both American citizens and foreign nationals.

The Former Federal Law Enforcement Officers within the Fontes team have extensive experience in leveraging existing relationships to help bring about the best possible resolution.

With a solid history of collaboration with all levels of U.S. and Latin American law enforcement agencies, along with an extensive network of invaluable informative sources, Fontes International Solutions will be there in your time of need.

Every Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention case begins with a thorough client interview and assessment to set the direction for the team and define engagement and intervention objectives. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Choosing Your International Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team, based in San Antonio & Houston

It’s not easy to research and select the Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention  Team who will take the time required to understand your particular needs and help you set a course of crisis intervention and negotiation. It is imperative that you ask the right questions of every candidate:

  • Does your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team have the proper licensing in place as required by Texas law?
  • Does your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team have first-hand domestic and international field experience?
  • Has your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team successfully pursued cases across international borders?
  • Is your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team recognized and respected by the international security community as an industry leader with international resources?
  • Is your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team sought out by media for their professional opinions?
  • Fontes International Solutions recent interviews include CNN, MSNBC, BBC, New York Times, and Dallas Morning News.

Your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention Team at Fontes International Solutions has a positive answer for each of these questions.  Fontes International draws from a deep bench of former Federal Officers from various agencies and former members of United States Special Operations Groups. Let the Fontes team put their experience and high-level domestic and international contacts to work for you.

Call +1 (346) 382-8293 in USA and +52 56 1024 5429 in Mexico today to discuss your Crisis Negotiation and/or Intervention needs, or use the form below.